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Terms & condition for grant of permission to conducting regular training classes of the prescribed courses offered by All India Para Medical Faculty ,Delhi are as under Every application seeking for affiliation of an Institution/ College shall be make in written sign by the Head of the Institution or Chairman /secretary of the Society applied (Means applicant society), to the secretary All India Para Medical Faculty , Delhi. The applicant should remit the inspection fee, registration fee and Affiliation fee as prescribed in booklet. Which will be neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstances or situation.
Seeking affiliation should be applied on prescribed application form available from Head Office for Rs. 750/- only by Depositing in the Account No. Provided by "the Registrar/secretary, All India Para Medical Faculty ,".
After receiving duly field application form All India Para Medical Faculty ,will decide to proceed for the affiliation any institute in any city of any state of India as a training center for prescribed course/courses.
A declaration from applicant's society/institution has to be submitted with application to institute run for the research and development of Paramedical .
The following information may be submitted with application (along with documents) :-

  • A short history of the institutions indicating the period of education work, constitution of governing body with the list of members (Name & Address) and financial background.
  • Details of the course/courses of Training in which the applicant's society shall import education.
  • The building of Institute is of its own or rented, if rented a receipt and rent agreement from the house owner to be attached.
  • A list of teachers and supervisory staff with their qualifications.
  • A rough map of the building with dimensions of classrooms, office and laboratories. Brief account of Library, Hostel, Health Care, Curricular facilities etc.
  • Details of Laboratory including equipment's, instruments and other material for Practical Training.
  • Details about the sources of specimen required to run practical classes in various courses.
The Secretary/Chairman on behalf of managing committee of All India Para Medical Faculty , appoint an inspection team to visit the premises of the institute for physical verification. It will submit a report to the secretary/chairman of the board.
The affiliation may be granted for a permanent or temporary specific duration and extension of time may be granted on the recommendation of the inspection team of the Faculty.

After having completed all the above formalities the below charges shall be deposited in the office by Cash or Bank Account in favor of All India Para Medical Faculty ,as security. Institute at the time of having affiliation.
Registration charges Rs. 80,000/-
Inspection charges Rs. 20,000/- up to 200 Kms. Rs.60/- per k.m. 

AFFILIATION  VALIDITY  :-   3Years From  Certificate  issues date  .


Renewal of affiliation fee Rs. 15000/


NOTE : All India Para Medical Faculty ,can modify or amend these Terms & Conditions and Charges from time to time as per need without any prior notice.

  •  The building of the Institute should be pollution free, lighted and airy.
  • The building should have necessary accommodation expect Principal's office.
  • Dispensary & Testing Labs on charitable basis is necessary.
  • Principal qualification MBB/BHMS/BAMS/BUMS or any medical degree  as like B.Sc nursing, B.Sc.DMLT etc.
  • All Principal and Clerk Offices & Classrooms should have furnished with furniture along with documents & stationary, Black Boards, etc.
  •  The College/Institute should have libraries for use of staff and students.
  • There should be sufficient large class rooms to accommodate all sections or classes and laboratories for Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology with adequate equipment and apparatus for the teaching.
  • NOTE- Infrastructure--(a-Class room -200sq.ft. Minimum Requirement for 20 Students/Trainees Per Course .  b- Laboratory /Workshop - 300 sq.ft Minimum Requirement for 20 Students/Trainees Per Course .  c- Administration -100 sq.ft Minimum Requirement .  d- Library -100 sq.ft Minimum Requirement  .  e - Staff Room -50 sq.ft Minimum Requirement .  f- Toilet - 40 sq.ft. Minimum Requirement .  Separate toilet for men & women    )

Arrangement of drinking water and good supply of electricity in laboratory, toilet etc.
  • Meeting book, staff attendance register, student attendance register, admission register, letter receipt and dispatch register, payment register, forms of applications for admission, prospectus, identity cards and other necessary registers files and papers.


Serum Cholesterol Kit (Wybenga Piliggi Method), Serum Bilirakis Kit (Malloy & Evelyn Method). W.B.C. Diluting fluid (Trucks Fluids), R.B.C., Diluting fluid (Heym's Fluid), Platelets Diluting Fluid (Reeseckers Fluid), Eosinophils Diluting Fluid (Hageman's solution), Leishman's Stain, Reticulocyte Diluting Fluid (1% Brilliant Cresyle blue), N/10 Hydrochloric Acid, 3.8% Sodium Citrate, Win drops Mixture, Methyl Alcohol, Normal Saline, Distilled water, Blood Grouping and Typing kit, Cedar wood oil, E.D.T.A. Solution, 3% Glacial acetic acid, Benedict's Qualitative Reagent, 10% Barium Chloride, Sulphur Powder, Beta Gravindex Kit for Pregnancy, V.D.R.L. Kit, Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor Kit, Widal Test Kit, Strong Carol fission, 25% Sulphuric acid, Gram's Iodine, 1% Ethylene blue, Semen Diluting fluid, Sprit, Blood Glucose Kit (GOD & POD Method), Blood Urea Kit (DAM Method).

Simple Microscope
Compound Microscope
D.L.C.Counting Chamber
Centrifuging Machine
Westergran Stand
Common Balance
Sprit Lamp
Hot Air Oven
Stop Watch
Auto Clave
Slide Stand
Water Bath
(4 of 5 ml.)
Esbach's Albuminometer

(4 of 2 ml.)
Shali's Haemoglobinometer
Sides of different tissues and Organs of Human Body
Test Tube Stands and Holders
Newborn Counting Chamber

(2) of full


Blue Star Glass Side Box
WBC Pipettes
E.S.R. Pipette (Westergran)
Shali's Pitettes
Test Tubes
(20) of 10 ml.
Patri's Dishes

(20) of 30 ml.
Centrifuging Tubes

(10) of 25 ml.
(4) of 100 ml.
Capillary Tubes
(1 box)

(2) of 150 ml.
Cover slips
(6 boxes)
(5) of 1 ml.
Pasture Pipettes
(6 of different )

(5) of 2 ml.
Winthrop???s Tubes

(5) of 5 ml.
Measuring Cylinders
(1) of 100ml.

(5) of 10 ml.

(1) of 200 ml.
Conical Flask
(5) of 250 ml

(1) of 500 ml.

(5) of 500 ml
Filter Paper
(2) boxes
RBC Pipettes
(2) Rolls

Glass Marking Pencils

Requirements for X-Ray : A good Machine of 300 M.A. is required preferably 500 M.A.
Requirements for E.C.G. : A good Machine of  Electro-cardiology  required.
Requirements for O.T. Technician : Autoclave Machine. All Surgical & Vision box.
Refraction box.
Refraction mirror.
Requirement for Eye Dental Technician : Dental Chair and equipment's are required.
Requirement for Plaster Technician : Facility of a good Orthopedics with apparatus is required.

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